For many seniors, owning a reliable and comfortable SUV is about enhancing mobility and ensuring safety on the road. However, the price tag of a new vehicle can often be prohibitive. This comprehensive guide explores how seniors can take advantage of “leftover” SUVs—models that dealerships are eager to sell off at the end of the year or model cycle to make room for new inventory. These vehicles can offer significant savings without sacrificing quality or features. We’ll dive into how seniors can secure these deals, particularly with May specials and today’s discounts, and we’ll provide specific examples with pricing to guide potential buyers.

The Benefits of Leftover SUVs for Seniors

Leftover SUVs are new vehicles from the previous model year that remain unsold as dealerships receive newer models. These vehicles are often sold at substantial discounts as dealers aim to clear their lots. For seniors, these deals mean accessing higher-end models with more safety features and comforts than they might otherwise afford. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Costs: Leftover models are typically offered at a lower price than their current-year counterparts.
  • Full Warranties: Despite being a model year older, these vehicles still come with full manufacturer warranties.
  • Low Mileage: Leftover SUVs are new, meaning they have minimal mileage, similar to what you’d find on a brand-new car.

Understanding the Discounts on Today’s Leftover SUVs

Dealerships frequently offer additional incentives on leftover vehicles to quickly clear out old stock, particularly during promotional months like May. These incentives can include cash rebates, low-interest financing options, and other special offers.

How to Spot Great Deals on Leftover SUVs

Seniors looking for leftover SUVs should consider the following tips:

  • Visit Multiple Dealerships: Comparing offers from various dealers can help you find the best deal.
  • Ask About Manufacturer Incentives: Sometimes, the best discounts come directly from the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Consider Financing Options: Low-interest rates or special financing terms can make purchasing a leftover SUV even more affordable.

May Specials: Taking Advantage of Leftover SUVs

May is often a prime time for finding specials on leftover SUVs as dealerships prepare for new inventory arrivals in the summer. During this period, buyers can expect some of the year’s most significant discounts and incentives.

10 Specific Leftover SUV Examples for Seniors

Here are ten examples of leftover SUVs from various dealerships across the country, highlighting the cost savings available:

  1. 2022 Honda CR-V
    • Location: Orlando, Florida
    • Original Price: $28,000
    • Discounted Price: $24,000
    • Highlights: Reliable, spacious, with advanced safety features.
  2. 2022 Ford Escape
    • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    • Original Price: $26,500
    • Discounted Price: $22,500
    • Highlights: Eco-friendly options, comfortable interior.
  3. 2022 Toyota RAV4
    • Location: Los Angeles, California
    • Original Price: $27,000
    • Discounted Price: $23,000
    • Highlights: Best-selling SUV, renowned for durability.
  4. 2022 Chevrolet Equinox
    • Location: Houston, Texas
    • Original Price: $25,000
    • Discounted Price: $20,000
    • Highlights: Ample tech features, smooth ride.
  5. 2022 Subaru Forester
    • Location: Denver, Colorado
    • Original Price: $29,000
    • Discounted Price: $24,500
    • Highlights: All-wheel drive, great for varied terrains.
  6. 2022 Nissan Rogue
    • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    • Original Price: $27,300
    • Discounted Price: $23,500
    • Highlights: ProPilot Assist technology, spacious cabin.
  7. 2022 Kia Sportage
    • Location: Seattle, Washington
    • Original Price: $24,000
    • Discounted Price: $20,000
    • Highlights: Modern design, user-friendly technology.
  8. 2022 Jeep Cherokee
    • Location: Chicago, Illinois
    • Original Price: $30,000
    • Discounted Price: $25,000
    • Highlights: Robust performance, off-road capabilities.
  9. 2022 Hyundai Tucson
    • Location: New York, New York
    • Original Price: $26,000
    • Discounted Price: $22,000
    • Highlights: Stylish design, efficient hybrid options.
  10. 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan
    • Location: Miami, Florida
    • Original Price: $26,800
    • Discounted Price: $22,300
    • Highlights: Spacious third-row seating, German engineering.


For seniors interested in purchasing a new SUV, leftover models represent a financially savvy option that doesn’t compromise on quality, safety, or modern amenities. By focusing on vehicles from the previous model year, seniors can enjoy significant savings and still drive away in a reliable, brand-new vehicle. The key to finding the best deals lies in diligent research, comparing offers, and taking advantage of seasonal specials like those in May. With the right approach, purchasing a leftover SUV can be an excellent decision for seniors looking to balance cost with quality.