Navigate the Market for New Leftover RAM Dodge Trucks

Purchasing a new truck can be a significant financial decision, and finding ways to save money without compromising on quality is a priority for many buyers. One often overlooked strategy is to buy leftover models—new trucks from previous model years that dealerships want to move off their lots. This guide will focus specifically on how to find and purchase leftover RAM Dodge trucks at a discount.

Understanding Leftover Models

Leftover models are vehicles that remain unsold after newer models have been released. These trucks are brand new with very low mileage, typically only accumulated from moving around on the dealership’s lot. Because they are technically outdated, dealers are motivated to sell them at discounted prices to free up space for the latest models.

Why Choose RAM Dodge Trucks?

RAM Trucks, a division of Stellantis, are known for their robust performance, durability, and advanced technology. The brand consistently ranks high for customer loyalty and satisfaction. Opting for a leftover RAM Dodge truck can get you the quality and reliability of RAM without the hefty price tag of the latest model.

Finding Leftover RAM Dodge Trucks

1. Dealer Inquiries

Directly contact local and regional RAM dealerships to inquire about any leftover models on their lots. Sales representatives are usually eager to discuss these options, as moving these units is a priority.

2. Online Inventory Searches

Most dealerships now maintain online inventories. A thorough search can reveal which dealers have unsold models. Websites like, AutoTrader, and the official RAM website are good places to start.

3. Timing Your Purchase

The best times to find leftover models are typically at the end of the year or during dealership sales events. This is when new models are arriving, and dealers are most desperate to clear old inventory.

4. Consider Regional Variations

Availability and pricing of leftover models can vary widely by region. States with larger volumes of truck sales might have more aggressive pricing on leftover models.

Negotiating the Best Deal

1. Research the Fair Market Price

Use tools like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, or the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guides to understand the fair market price of the model you are interested in.

2. Explore Financing Options

Dealerships often offer special financing rates for leftover models. Compare these with other financing options like banks or credit unions to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

3. Utilize Rebates and Incentives

Manufacturers may offer additional rebates and incentives on leftover models. Ensure you are aware of and qualify for any available offers.

4. Trade-ins

If you have a vehicle to trade in, get an estimate of its value beforehand. A trade-in can significantly lower the overall cost of your new truck.

5. Get Everything in Writing

Before signing any contracts, make sure all aspects of the deal are clearly written out, including the warranty details, any dealer services, and the return policy.

Advantages of Buying Leftover Models

1. Lower Cost

The primary advantage is cost savings. Discounts on leftover models can range from 10% to 25% off the MSRP, depending on the model and the dealer’s inventory situation.

2. Full Warranty

Leftover models come with the same manufacturer warranty as the current year models, providing peace of mind and protection for your investment.

3. Less Depreciation

Since you’re purchasing the vehicle at a reduced price, the depreciation hit is lessened when it’s time to sell or trade in the truck.

Potential Downsides

1. Limited Selection

The choice of colors, trims, and options may be limited in leftover models.

2. Financing Rates

While special financing rates are possible, sometimes the rates for leftover models 7are not as competitive as those for the current year models.


Buying a new leftover RAM Dodge truck can offer significant savings without compromising on the quality and benefits of owning a new vehicle. By understanding the market, timing your purchase correctly, and negotiating effectively, you can drive off the lot with a great truck and a great deal.